No Awards Mentality
So where are all the awards?

Interesting question… They’re all around us. They are in our community helping educate our children, they are in the sandwich line at the local homeless shelter, they are in our churches helping feed and provide medicine to the people of Africa, and they are on the stage and screen promoting a world that’s rich and full with the arts.

MSC is NOT an award winning agency! Not because we fail to provide prestigious creative solutions to or clientele. We just never seem to get around to entering the competitions.

MSC is an agency that proudly shows its creativity through the gifts of charity. The entire staff at MSC is dedicated to promoting the greater good. We dedicate a great deal of our time to producing creative materials that promote the success of worthwhile 501 (C)(3) organizations across the country. Equally importantly, when the group does not need our services but needs a helping hand, we pitch in.

Awards are great, but their importance is short lived and their relevance to how well the campaign did is usually suspect. A charitable heart however, well that’s a whole different story!

MSC is proud to have been a part of these outstanding organizations:

  • World Vision
  • The Austin Street Centre
  • The USA Film Festival
  • The Crusader Magazine – St. John’s Episcopal School
  • Resounding Harmony
  • The State Fair of Texas
  • Destination ImagiNation
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